Patrick J. Rogers

For more than 40 years, Patrick J. Rogers has been an active attorney with an impeccable reputation. For a number of years Mr. Rogers, along with his legal assistant Evelyn Camacho, ran a general law practice, which included a substantial amount of family law matters. His office was located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Throughout the years Pat earned the respect of his fellow attorneys, the judges, courtroom staff, and most importantly, his clients.

Several years ago, Pat decided to “take down his shingle.” As we all do at some point in our lives, he decided it was time to retire. However, not one to sit still and having loved his career as an attorney, he decided to once again become active in the practice of law. That is when good fortune befell on Edwards-Swift and Associates.

When Pat retired, his right arm, Evelyn Camacho was hired by Pamela Edwards-Swift. By the time Pat decided to return to the practice of law, she had become an integral part of the Edwards-Swift and Associates firm. Pat wanted to work with Ms. Camacho again, as they had made a great professional team. However, he was respectful of the relationship she now had with Pamela Edwards-Swift, the firm’s staff and the clients with whom she worked. So in 2015, Pat became a Senior Associate Attorney with Edwards-Swift and Associates. He continues to enjoy the practice of law and is truly a results oriented attorney. In fact, many of his former clients continue to seek him out whenever they are in need of legal assistance.

Pat attended the University of New Mexico where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. He then attended La Verne College School of Law where he was awarded his degree as a Juris Doctor. Pat is married to a retired teacher and has two grown sons. He can often be seen working out at the gym and riding his bicycle when he is not at work.


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