For the most part, Guardianship proceedings are rarely litigated. Less than 10% of the guardianships I have been involved in have gone to trial. A notable exception is the case about a little girl whose father had died. The parents of the girl had divorced when she was an infant. The father had gained custody and the mother, who moved to another state, had very minimal contact with her daughter. Tragically, the father died when the little girl was five years old. Child Protective Services allowed the child to remain temporarily with neighbors of the child, with whom the father had hired on a regular basis to babysit the child.

I was retained by the neighbors to seek a Guardianship on their behalf over the minor child. The mother of the child suddenly appeared and challenged the Guardianship. I suspected that the true reason the mother wanted this child was for a reason similar to why Gloria Vanderbilt’s mother wanted custody of little Gloria (i.e., the estate left by her father). In addition, in my case, and not available at the time of the Depression, were monthly Social Security checks for the minor child, due to her father’s death. The reason I believed this to be the case was that the mother had shown little interest in the daughter while the father was alive and also because she was having difficulty in keeping the visitation schedule she had been awarded by the court pending trial in the Guardianship proceeding..

The trial lasted three days, spread out over four months and the outcome was that the neighbors were awarded the Guardianship. Now you would think that a mother who fought so hard for her daughter would do whatever it took to re-establish a relationship with her daughter. You would expect her to call and write frequently and visit whenever possible. You would think that. For any of you who read the article and felt that the mother should have regained custody of her daughter should now be comforted in knowing what has happened since the trial.

The mother has made no attempt to contact the minor child since the trial ended, not even to send a birthday card! In fact, the mother has made no contact since Christmas 1999, two months before the trial ended. So, if you wondered if the Judge made the right decision, please be assured, he did. Sad, but true.


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When my case was passed onto Pam to take over after a previous associate left the company I was nervous. We met for the first time at the court house, heading into court to set trial dates.
We had a break before coming back in and grabbed a bite to eat. I was able to speak with her freely, as if she were a friend. (A very expensive friend haha)
She was easy to talk to and it was clear that she was passionate about her work and that made me feel like more than just a paycheck.
The results of the custody battle were in my favor, thanks to her.

Thank you for your compassion Pam.

Brittany R., Las Vegas, NV

My husband and I reached out to Pam for custody and child support dispute for my 5 year old step son almost a year ago. These situations are never easy but having a knowledgeable attorney made a world of difference. We worked with Pam and her para-legal Evelyn and we couldn’t be happier with end result. I would highly recommend Pam and her team if you’re looking for someone to look out for your and your child’s best interest.

Licet T., Chino, CA

I am grateful for Pam Swift and her staff! They were supportive and understanding during my time of need. Unfortunately due to my cases particular circumstances, it took years to handle. But in the end, her services blessed us with freedom from one of the most traumatic times of our lives.

Jennifer Reimer

OUTSTANDING Attorney. Took care of business, went on the offensive and balanced the scales. Very much appreciate Pamela’s care and understanding of my situation. Could not be happier with the results!

Steve D.

Pamela Edwards-Swift was a life saver when I had to take my ex back to court to gain primary custody of my daughter. Throughout the entire process, Ms. Swift clearly explained the process, set very clear expectations with me regarding each phase of the court proceedings, made solid recommendations to me which helped me decide on the best overall situation for my daughter. Our custody battle took just over one year, and what impressed me most about Ms. Swift is the results we got happened exactly as she said it would! I highly recommend Ms. Swift!

Mike Rodgers

Pam and her team exceeded my expectations. I’ve never had to higher a lawyer before and I met with a few before her. I felt comfortable, reassured and that she had not only mine but my daughters best interest for my case. I highly recommend her. She has years of experience in all types of family law cases.

Christina Hradisky

I have known Pam Swift professionally for the last ten years.  She is professional, knowledgeable, cares about ther clients and looks for amicable ways of handling very tough situations.  I highly recommend her.

Dr. Betty U.

I found Ms Swift to be a top notch attorney who has both experience and integrity. My estate attorney referred me to her because she had worked with her on a number of cases and was impressed with her ethical skills and personable style. I have nothing but praise for the way she and her team, especially her paralegal, Evelyn, handled my divorce. My case was somewhat complex and yet they doggedly worked their way through it always looking out for my best interests with a positive attitude. She and her staff easily have my 5 star vote!

Andrea G., Sierra Madre, CA

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